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The personalities of Australian cities

The personalities of Australian cities

I remember reading or hearing an idea a LONG time ago comparing Sydney and Melbourne if they were girls (apologies to female readers and Non-Victorians in advance). I should point out that this post is meant as humour (honestly!), and I think each city has it good and bad points. The original story ran along these lines:

Sydney is the beautiful, good times girl - she's wild, free-wheeling, and does everything at high speed. However, while you might have a fling with her, you quickly run out of things to talk about.

Melbourne, by contrast, initially comes across as the quiet girl. She dresses (in black, naturally), initially in a conservative manner, and it takes you weeks to even get her to go on a date with you; she plays hard-to-get. She's alternately calm and then excited at the drop of a hat. She's cheeky, and she shows you things you never knew existed. She can mix with anyone, and move from the football to the opera with grace and style. You want to outsmart her - and yet you never manage it. She laughs while she's teasing you, and then winks, to let you know it's OK, she's only kidding...

Months pass, and this girl keeps you awake at night, because you can't work out it is about her that's so appealing. You have known, and loved, others, but nothing like as deep as this. This is the woman you want to spend the rest of your life with....despite her multiple personalities! :)

My take on Canberra

If we’re using the same analogy, then Canberra is in her last year of high school…she’s not as old as the others. And she’s not too sure about this growing up business, as she likes to just relax, and to spend time in the bush with her friends. She loves the peace, and the sounds and colours of nature...

She’s strong, and fit, due to regular exercise. She loves getting out in the bush, and being a bit of a tomboy. She likes to laugh, she’s really smart, and she has discovered she loves good wine! More than all that, though, she cares deeply about people who are suffering, and volunteers her time to do what she can to help.

She has a part-time job, and she does it well, although people complain endlessly about her bosses. She just does her best, although at times people painting her with the same brush as her bosses discourages her, and she feels “there’s more to me than my job!”

As a result of all this, her initially parochial view of the world is changing, and therefore, so is she. She’s learning to dress more smartly, and to walk in high heels. Recently, she got all the attention at an awards night, and both Sydney and Melbourne were insanely jealous. She couldn’t believe it, and didn’t take it to heart….just blushed and grinned shyly…

The boys are starting to notice her, not just for her understated natural beauty, but because her actions speak louder than her words. She is honest, reliable, and hard-working – and she will one day make a great leader.

OK, finished. Please feel free to do the comparison the other way around gender-wise :D

I don't know other cities well enough to comment on them....

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